May 28, 2012

real party....{40th celebration}

a very good friend of mine recently hit the "big 4-0" and we decided to throw her a surprise party. we had only about a week to pull it together but i think it came together nicely :-)

i chose a color scheme of purples and reds.....vibrant and fun, just like the birthday girl! another friend graciously hosted poolside so i aimed for casual elegance.

cocktails and finger foods were the menu for the evening: prosciutto wrapped asparagus, cucumber rounds topped with crabmeat salad, pinwheel sandwiches, pita chips with spinach & artichoke hummus, mini quiches and shrimp cocktail. a few bottles of wine joined pre-mixed cocktails presented in mason jars - they were delicious!

given the fact that this was an evening soiree, instead of flowers for color, i chose candles - mainly candle sleeves i designed to match the rest of the printed materials i created.

we even had some floating candles in the pool but the evening was a bit windy with an occasional sprinkle....

each party-goer received a little goodie courtesy of bonhomie jewelry - yup, that's me ;-)

we all had a wonderful time but most importantly, we were able to show the birthday girl a good time! stay tuned - in the next few days, i'll share with you one of my diys from this gorgeous event!

May 21, 2012

in the news....{}

for many years, it was assumed that the bride-to-be would be setting up house with her husband from scratch. straight from mom and dad's house to her very own and that's where the traditional wedding registry comes in - dishes, linens, small appliances........everything a young couple needs to begin their life together.

but what if the couple already has their household needs covered? nowadays that's often the case. if so, a honeymoon registry might be the way to go.

when we got married, hubby and i were combining our households - okay, technically, we were moving my household into his house and getting rid of all his boy stuff. you know how that goes ;-) but we had decided that if our friends and family wanted to give us gifts, it made the most sense to contribute to our honeymoon. and instead of just asking for cash, honeymoonwishes let us list specific events our guests could contribute to - an opportunity to still gift us with something personal while helping us cover the costs of our trip.

honeymoonwishes provides tools for you to use to let people know about your registry, you can set up a wedding website and even a photo album.

so if you'd like to do something a bit more personal than asking for cash - and let's face it, that's a bit tacky - the honeymoon registry is the way to go!

May 15, 2012

made merri...{local vendors}

you might have noticed that i'm a huge fan of anything rustic. and when i found these natural twig wedding cake toppers by made merri, i knew i had to share!

how sweet would these be in a bouquet? or maybe a monogram?

May 11, 2012

branding your event....

event branding is becoming more and more popular as brides search for ways to create a truly unique wedding that reflects their personality.

one way to accomplish that is by using a wedding logo. wedding logos are helpful in creating your brand before your big day even arrives. the logo can be used on your save-the-dates, your invitations and throughout your ceremony and reception.

there are several companies who offer wedding logos you can purchase or you could even create your own. but the wedding logos i offer through my bonhomie bridal suite are designed with an additional option in mind:

my logos are intentionally designed to be translated into a beautiful, keepsake piece of jewelry!

here's a logo i designed for a friend's mother's necklace:

you can see that it would translate beautifully on stationary, beverage napkins, name it!

i designed my logo with a bit more contemporary feel and i plan to wear mine as a bracelet. but here you see it reproduced in clay and as a bouquet charm:

and these custom logos aren't just for about anniversary parties?
or maybe "just because"!

keep this in mind when you're planning your next event - custom logos are just one more option to make your event really stand out!

i'd love to hear from anyone who may have used a wedding logo - how did you use it? and are you still using it today?

May 9, 2012

favorite colors.....{turquoise & lilac}

who says a wedding gown has to be white? yes, white is traditional AND beautiful.
but not every bride is the 'traditional' type and i think that's fabulous!

 i saw this gown and was immediately called to create this inspiration board....

cake, china, dress, ring, bouquet

May 7, 2012

in the news....

 custom wedding dress by lizzie jayne

here's some good news for brides looking to support the handmade community:

etsy has jumped on the 'bridal bandwagon'! says etsy.....

"Etsy Weddings is a combination of wedding items, trends, how-to’s, expert advice and the stories of real couples — all in one place."
also available is the etsy wedding registry. register for vintage or handcrafed items - home decor, kitchenware, dishes - anything you need to create the home you both envision :-)

May 5, 2012

favorite florals...

"april showers bring may flowers............"

okay, well the northwest corner of connecticut seems to be about a month behind. lots of rain as of late and temperatures are still a bit cool but warmer, sunnier weather is (supposedly) on the way!

may brings beautiful spring blooms and one of my favorites is rannunculus. gorgeous colors ranging from subtle pastels to brilliant brights!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

tip: when choosing your floral arrangements, ask your florist what's in season - utilizing readily available florals will help keep costs down!

May 3, 2012

bottle & cork......

i've been spending some time seeking out local, quality vendors and stumbled upon bottle & cork!
i am IN LOVE with her vintage-inspired designs!

a few of my faves...........



bottle & cork offers traditional invitation suites, "seal and send" invitations and printables.
something for every bride and every budget :-)

take a moment to stop by her shop and pick out your favorites!