July 27, 2012

inspiration....{yellow + gray}

while folding laundry this morning, i was reminded of a color combination that i love (interesting how inspiration strikes, isn't it?)

yellow + gray!
bright and happy...
modern or vintage...

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

yellow 'pops' so nicely, it would be easy to carry it from ceremony through to the reception with very little effort, don't you think?

i've always been drawn to this color combination. how could you not be? way back when, i was determined that my very first kitchen would be gray and yellow. i bought everything i needed before i'd even moved out of my parents' house!

as a matter of fact, the very first wedding logo i created for my bonhomie bridal suite was showcased on a yellow + gray save-the-date card:

so what are your thoughts on yellow + gray? brides, what were your wedding colors? brides-to-be, what are your favorite color combinations?
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July 25, 2012

little monter shop.....{local vendor}

do you have any baby showers coming up? i do! and i'm pretty sure the mama-to-be will be receiving an item from the little monster shop!

lisa's designs are adorable! fresh, clean and workable in any decor style (in my humble opinion). she also has greeting cards - one stop shopping for your next shower ;-)

here are a few of my favorites:

you can visit lisa's shop here and be sure to check out her blog, too - lots of great recipes & mama tips :-)

July 23, 2012

event styling....{bridal shower tea party}

i FINALLY have a moment to share a few of the tea party bridal shower styling photos with you! all the photos were taken by the fabulous karin goodwin! i met karin at a fair last year and used her for our family photos. she's now my favorite photographer!

bridal shower tea party by
my intention was to combine a traditional tea party with casual, shabby chic with most events i style, i included a diy element: this time it was the tissue paper flowers. i love how they turned out!
mis-matched tea sets and big cabbage rose print linens blended beautifully with the outdoor setting.
i came up with the idea of custom, hand-embroidered quilt squares for the bride's wedding quilt...
shabby chic tea party by
every element - printables, food, diy flowers, etc. - was created by little ole me :-)
i can't wait to have the opportunity to recreate this event on a larger scale!

July 12, 2012


i'm a shoe-lover. what girl isn't, right? sadly, i can barely get out of my flip-flops. fortunately for me, there is the internet!

i'm so in love with the recent lack of tradition when it comes to wedding footwear. i'm sure we all breathed a sigh of relief when we put the days of white-satin-dyed-to-match-pumps behind us! now anything goes and today's bride has so many opportunities to express who she is!

source: 1, 2, 3, 4

fun, fashionable, laid back, high style.........what's your choice? how did you express your style on your wedding day - or, for those of you still planning - what will you be wearing?

July 9, 2012

in the news......{briderush}

planning a last minute wedding?
one of your vendors back out with less than a month to go?
here comes briderush to the rescue!

briderush is one stop shopping for all of your last minute, date specific wedding needs. 
and here's the good part:
you'll save money!

here's the quick & dirty version: briderush selects top quality vendors, these vendors offer their available dates at significantly reduced rates and you make out like a bandit! easy peasy.

and speaking of top quality vendors, bonhomieEVENTS is one of them :-)
check out briderush for our last minute dates!

July 5, 2012

top it cupcakes....{local vendors}

hello, hello! i hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful holiday full of fireworks, family & friends! (i just love alliterations, don't you?)

lookee, lookee what i found: top it cupcakes! i'm so excited! this is a very timely find for me since i have 2 children's birthday parties coming up.karen creates the most beautiful fondant cupcake & cake toppers - a super easy way to incorporate your desserts into your party theme!

also be sure to visit top it cupcakes on facebook to view her customer's photos - gorgeous!

July 2, 2012

holiday help....{4th of july}

i was wandering around the world-wide-web in search of some holiday decorating inspiration.
here's a few "easy but so inspired" options if you're seeking some suggestions!

source: 1, 2, 3, 4

the tin can luminaries are adorable - especially the fireworks! the kids can help and can be easily customized. 
and that flag. oh, that flag!! as you know, i'm currently crushing on anything coastally inspired.(and there's a tutorial - easy, peasy!!)
i love the whimsy of the denim waistband on the cake stand - adds just the right touch to keep the montage from looking typical.
i feel the same way about the bandanas - so clever!

so how about it? do you have holiday decor ideas? please share!