May 11, 2012

branding your event....

event branding is becoming more and more popular as brides search for ways to create a truly unique wedding that reflects their personality.

one way to accomplish that is by using a wedding logo. wedding logos are helpful in creating your brand before your big day even arrives. the logo can be used on your save-the-dates, your invitations and throughout your ceremony and reception.

there are several companies who offer wedding logos you can purchase or you could even create your own. but the wedding logos i offer through my bonhomie bridal suite are designed with an additional option in mind:

my logos are intentionally designed to be translated into a beautiful, keepsake piece of jewelry!

here's a logo i designed for a friend's mother's necklace:

you can see that it would translate beautifully on stationary, beverage napkins, name it!

i designed my logo with a bit more contemporary feel and i plan to wear mine as a bracelet. but here you see it reproduced in clay and as a bouquet charm:

and these custom logos aren't just for about anniversary parties?
or maybe "just because"!

keep this in mind when you're planning your next event - custom logos are just one more option to make your event really stand out!

i'd love to hear from anyone who may have used a wedding logo - how did you use it? and are you still using it today?

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