September 28, 2012

week in review.......

this has been an unusually busy week for us. typically, our evenings are quiet but this week....
our new small group had it's first meeting.....
a benefit was held in memorial of one of the sweetest little boys i once knew.....
we're dining at the church this evening....
i'm going to miss the family reunion/octoberfest because....
i'm attending my first iron sharpens iron conference.

here are a few moments from our week

our first date night in months; silly antics in target; one of my favorite meals; the best place to buy groceries ever....

fall means comfy slippers & meatball stew in the crockpot; early morning cuddles :-)

how was your week? anything exciting happen? please share!

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September 26, 2012

real parties......{bow tie baby shower}

a few weeks ago, i had the honor to help out with my cousin heather's baby shower. she is truly one of those people who would go out of their way for you, no questions asked. she and her sister (who hosted the shower and who i assisted with design details) have a HUGE heart. i'm pretty lucky to be a part of their family ;-)

of course, i forgot my camera AND i had to leave early - unexpectedly - so we'll have to make due with the measly few photos i managed to snag with my phone.

the food was excellent - all prepared & provided by the hostess. cupcakes, of course, from hardcore sweet.
you might recognize a few pieces from my "little man" baby shower collection. it was actually designed with heather in mind, bringing in colors from her wedding to make it special :-)

September 25, 2012

sneak peek......{nursery prints!}

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remember how i mentioned exploring other talents?
here i go! :-)

i'm not quite sure why i decided to make these prints.
the idea came to me so i just went with it!

i'm in love with them. the whimsy, the inspiration, the touch of vintage........
and i had so much fun creating them!!

it's been some time since i've sat down to work with a sense of anticipation instead of the feel of obligation...
i'm really enjoying the path i'm on at the moment.

these will be available in the shop shortly - i just want to test the colors (and a new printer!) - and i haven't yet decided if they'll be offered as a set or individually........
maybe both!

i welcome your feedback......what do you think?

September 24, 2012

craftiness........{tray makeover}

on the weekends, i share an easy diy over on my facebook page
what?!?!? you're not a fan?? go now, i'll wait.....
back now? good.
today i thought i'd share one of my own here on the blog.

the change in seasons always brings out the desire to change something in my house.
i got tired of stepping over this tray that's taking up space (which we have VERY little of) so i thought a redesign might make it useable again.
or it will just get in the way somewhere else. 50/50 shot in this house so we'll see *grin*

once upon a time, i was very fond of the "tuscan" look.
i'm over it. sorta.
anyway.... take one tray, some paint, scrapbook paper & modge podge........
and ya got yourself a new pretty :-)

a few notes:
spraypaint would have covered better without the brush marks but i didn't have any. i never seem to 'craft' prepared!
can you see the bumps & ridges on the papering step?? i can. i made the mistake of using too much glue on the tray and didn't follow up with a top coating until it dried. don't do that.
i distressed the edges a bit with some sandpaper
i added a couple coats of spray polly.

have you got any diys or makeovers to share? i need more stuff to change!

September 21, 2012

week in review...

hangin out with the little man; a get well gift from hubby and son; FINALLY cleaned out my mess of a purse; spending time in the word with shereadstruth.........

a tiny bit of homeschooling (about as much as i can handle!), work on some new designs, fall temps and fall window shopping :-)

i've had a good week. how 'bout you?

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September 20, 2012

in the shoppe.....{sugar + spice}

custom baby shower invitation by bonhomieEVENTS
the newest design in my printables collection - party kit coming soon!!

i have so many ideas for printable party kits and beyond but i'd like to know:
what would you like to see in the shoppe?

September 19, 2012

real life....{letting go or giving up?}

those of you who've been around for a bit know that i'm also a self-taught jewelry designer.
i've had an etsy shop - and my own online shop - for a few years now. 
sales have been slow as of late and i can blame myself in part.....little to no promotion doesn't generate income.

i'm a bit sad to say that i'll be letting go of that part of my life.
not because of the sales - though that is a valid reason.
but because i think it's time to let it go.
i've wrestled with this decision for quite a while now.
i question i giving up? or am i letting go?

there is a difference, at least in my mind
you may notice that i said i'm "a BIT sad"
but also there is a bit of relief.
i thought i would share today my specific reasons for this decision. i thought it would make me feel better
but as i type, i find that i don't need to
suffice it to say, i believe it's just time.

now, i can't say i'm giving it up entirely. custom orders will still be accepted
i'm sure i'll still craft a piece or two for myself *grin*
i'm not (yet) giving up my website
but jewelry will no longer be my focus

i had thought i was on the path God had chosen for me.
i'm sure that i was..........for a season
i think that season is over. i've learned, i've grown.....perhaps that was the sole purpose
but i have no doubt that, if i'm mistaken, God will make it abundantly clear :-)

for now, i'm exploring other talents He has given me
talents that have surfaced recently
talents that may grow or change..........
or may even become stagnant. i don't know.
it's my desire to walk in faith and follow HIS path

so, if at times it may seem i'm a bit.............scattered??
give me some grace - i'm just trying to hear what God's saying ;-)

September 12, 2012

fab finds....{moroccan dinner party}

 i'm in love with world market. i was poking around today and look what i found!
i've had it in the back of my mind to host a mom's night out moroccan dinner party after the kids went back to school. i've been collecting decor & serving pieces, working on printables but i've still been dragging my feet a bit.
but this is inspiring!!

moroccan dinner party
 what do you think?
have you scored any great finds from world market lately?

September 11, 2012

letter C design.........{local vendor}

now that little man has returned to school, i'm beginning to get back into a routine.
for me, summer was full of lazy days and non-existent schedules but fall brings a desire to organize
the idea of setting up schedules actually makes me smile........crazy, right??

but not so crazy when you take a peek at these fabulous calendars by letter C design!

her wall calendars have adorable prints!

and matching weekly calendars

i am IN LOVE with the idea of a custom wedding calendar! wedding guests add their birthdays on this calendar - lovely idea in lieu of a guestbook!! perfect gift for a bridal shower!

letter C design also offers note cards, journals, address labels and more! go check it out :-)

September 6, 2012

sneak peek!

hey, y'all! i've been a busy little beaver - working on new designs for "the shoppe", getting little man ready for 1st grade (yikes!! where does the time go??) and doing some volunteer work at my church.

i'm still designing, crafting and volunteering but wanted to take a moment and give you a sneak peek of what's coming next! i've made the decision to move at least a part of my bonhomie bridal suite items over to "the shoppe" and i've got a few new designs, this time with color!

i'll be offering pantone color matching for these logos/monograms. what do you think?

oh, and while i'm at it, check out the second collection of printables:

this is the "bowtie" collection and there's all sorts of coordinated goodness in "the shoppe" and then some!
(can you tell i've been slightly enamored with the turquoise as of late?)

if you haven't yet, be sure to like my facebook page - i'll be announcing all sorts of new stuff for "the shoppe" over there!