August 21, 2013

real life....{glasses for the SERIOUSLY visually impaired}

i've had the same pair of glasses for.EVER y'all. for so long that I just got tired of lookin at myself - ever been there? and i'm blind as a bat so they're pretty necessary. so for the past year or so, i've really started shopping for a new pair but money is tight.

i bought one living social deal for a local eye shop - $250 to spend on glasses for a mere $35! score, right?

wrong. the frames start at $325 and after you add my bottlecap lenses.........well, let's just say it was more than we had to spend.

even Warby Parker. LOVE them. had a try-on box sent to me - that was fun! but still, my prescription was bumping the price up a bit more than we had to spare.

(sidenote: yes, i know my vision is super important. but moms: sometimes we have to sacrifice, right?)

okay, last ditch effort. i heard about through one of the deal sites. they were offering a coupon for a free pair of glasses.

free? snort. ya, right. free frames? maybe. but free glasses??

i didn't hop right on it. i meandered to the site..........poked around. a week or two later, i chose some favorites. another week or two later, i got around to uploading a horrific basic picture of myself for their virtual 'try on' feature (super cool!). but still, i had doubts. here's a couple of my options:

finally, i couldn't take it anymore. i chose a pair, put them in my basket and then saw their return policy: 366 days, no questions asked!!! seriously, how can you go wrong??

and, i found out that they are just as socially aware as WP. each eyeglass purchase gives back to those in need around the world!

here's the new specs i chose:

and how cute is this........they came with a lens cleaning cloth, a travel size bottle of cleaning solution and a repair tool that goes on your keychain. i love little presents!

so were they free? not quite. again, because my prescription is so strong i had to pay a little extra - $58. even i can swing that :-)

no coupon? no worries! your first pair is free with code FIRSTPAIRFREE. i was worried about buying glasses online but i think these are seriously worth the risk. fast shipping, good product and they give back. i'm a happy camper!

**note: this is not a sponsored review. all opinions are my own and i received no compensation for this post.

August 14, 2013

exciting announcement!

okay, y'all! i'm super-excited to announce that the bonhomieDESIGN shoppe now offers printing options!! i've connected with an awesome local printer who is allowing me to give you guys great rates on having your designs professionally printed. AND there's a choice of paper stock :-)

so go check out the deets at the shoppe and let me know what you think!

August 3, 2013

fab finds........{summertime travels}

in 30 days, we'll be hitting the road for our annual vacation to Cape Cod and I can't wait! with that in mind, i curated this fun etsy treasury:

click here to show some love! happy weekend :-)