August 13, 2012

real party....{super mario!}

my little man is enamored with all things lego, super mario and batman.
when it came time to choose the theme for his birthday party, i was certain he was going to go with a lego theme but i was wrong!
honestly, i was hoping for lego BUT i'm always up for a challenge! here's what we came up with:

super mario invitation by
each child received double-sided, personalized game passes for their invitations. i really enjoyed designing all the paper goods for this party (which may lead to a little announcement in the very near future!)

we had a pretty large guest list (20!!) honestly, i wouldn't advise any of my clients to have a guest list so large for such a young group but it was made up of several sets of siblings with whom he's grown up so i made an exception in our case ;-) because of the large number, i decided to do a late afternoon affair with desserts only.

super mario party by
super mario cupcake toppers by
cupcakes were the star of the table - cannoli, cookie dough and mounds. yum!! if you're local, you HAVE to check out hardcore sweet cupcakes. these ladies are AWESOME! we added lots of candy to the table in super mario colors of red, yellow and blue. (thanks to banner events & grey grey designs for some inspiration!)

we also had some chocolate mustache pops, fireballs and sugar cookies with fondant toppers.
super mario fondant toppers by
this was my first experience using fondant. i found it relatively easy to work with but it really is a tedious process. the end result was hugely gratifying, though, so i'd definitely be willing to try my hand at it again!

super mario water bottle labels by
instead of purchasing special waterproof labels for the water bottles, i printed up my own designs and covered them with packing tape. super easy, much less expensive and just as effective!

the tables called to mind mario kart with the checkered flag runners and start/finish lines and of course we included some chocolate gold coins!
we wanted the experience of a video game party without the expense of the video game trucks that are so popular so we brought a few game consoles to the party with a couple of older tvs and let the kids have at it! for older children who might be true "gamers" i'd say the game truck expense would be well worth it but this alternative seemed to be perfect for our crowd.

super mario video game party by

to maintain the tradition of blowing out the candles,the afternoon finished with a store bought but home decorated cake - another frugal tip.......

.....and goodie bags for all!

i asked my son to tell me the best part of his party. his answer?
"playing video games and spending time with my friends."
SOOOO worth it!


  1. This looked like a perfect party for Aidan! Love all the details capturing the the video theme. He must of had so much fun.

    1. Thanks, Laura!! He had a wonderful time - I think all the kids did!


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