August 21, 2013

real life....{glasses for the SERIOUSLY visually impaired}

i've had the same pair of glasses for.EVER y'all. for so long that I just got tired of lookin at myself - ever been there? and i'm blind as a bat so they're pretty necessary. so for the past year or so, i've really started shopping for a new pair but money is tight.

i bought one living social deal for a local eye shop - $250 to spend on glasses for a mere $35! score, right?

wrong. the frames start at $325 and after you add my bottlecap lenses.........well, let's just say it was more than we had to spend.

even Warby Parker. LOVE them. had a try-on box sent to me - that was fun! but still, my prescription was bumping the price up a bit more than we had to spare.

(sidenote: yes, i know my vision is super important. but moms: sometimes we have to sacrifice, right?)

okay, last ditch effort. i heard about through one of the deal sites. they were offering a coupon for a free pair of glasses.

free? snort. ya, right. free frames? maybe. but free glasses??

i didn't hop right on it. i meandered to the site..........poked around. a week or two later, i chose some favorites. another week or two later, i got around to uploading a horrific basic picture of myself for their virtual 'try on' feature (super cool!). but still, i had doubts. here's a couple of my options:

finally, i couldn't take it anymore. i chose a pair, put them in my basket and then saw their return policy: 366 days, no questions asked!!! seriously, how can you go wrong??

and, i found out that they are just as socially aware as WP. each eyeglass purchase gives back to those in need around the world!

here's the new specs i chose:

and how cute is this........they came with a lens cleaning cloth, a travel size bottle of cleaning solution and a repair tool that goes on your keychain. i love little presents!

so were they free? not quite. again, because my prescription is so strong i had to pay a little extra - $58. even i can swing that :-)

no coupon? no worries! your first pair is free with code FIRSTPAIRFREE. i was worried about buying glasses online but i think these are seriously worth the risk. fast shipping, good product and they give back. i'm a happy camper!

**note: this is not a sponsored review. all opinions are my own and i received no compensation for this post.


  1. They are so cute!! I love the ones you chose! I had lasik surgery when I was in college and although I'm so happy I did, I'm bummed I don't get to wear cute glasses anymore!! These look great on you!


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