December 6, 2012

craftiness......{holiday card holder}

every year, we receive a pretty good amount of christmas cards and most of them have photos.
i love looking at the pictures throughout the season and usually i hang them along the banister or over the doorway.
this year i wanted to do something different.
a more prominent display, a little whimsical.
and here's what i came up with:

forgive the photo quality - y'all should know by now i take lousy photos *grin*


old painting/frame
spray paint
thumbtacks/staple gun
clothes pins
glitter tape

(excuse the hands - i'm in dire need of a manicure!!)

super-easy craft - remove the old painting from the frame (be sure to get the staples, too!). spray paint then attach your chosen ribbon the the back of the frame. add your glitter tape to the clothespins and you're done!

i'm finding that i'm much more crafty around holiday time. how 'bout you?

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