December 12, 2012

real life.....{christmas at our house}

i love sitting in our living room on a quiet morning, soaking in all the Christmas goodness!
listening to carols, breathing in the scents and gazing at the tree...........
i thought i'd invite you in for a little peek :-)

i was certain when i took these pictures that they weren't blurry. sigh.......... most definitely time for new glasses!

anyway, i love how the mantle came out this year. i did the frosted candle holders myself.
and see those bell jars (that i'm in love with!!).......
soda bottles. way! check out the tutorial on seeing things!

there's another bell jar!
i inadvertently started a santa collection a few years ago. front and center is the last music box i gave my mom - and the only one left - of her collection.
and for the first time in six years i broke out the village! little man chose a few pieces to add to it.

the location of the tree changed this year (as did it's size to accommodate the smaller space!)
here's a tip: if you have children, you're probably gonna have to let go of your martha stewartish designer tree ideas. that was a hard one for me.

our outdoor decor remains relatively the same every year but this year we anchored our santa train to the railing. we got tired of it blowing over last year ;-)

so what does your home look like at christmas time? do you keep it simple with just a tree? or is decorating for the holidays a three day process? if you have photos on your blog, please share the link - i'd love to see!

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