July 22, 2013

real life......{inspiration}

i have a friend who asks me "how did you come up with that design" every time i show her something new.

my inspiration comes from so many different sources. sometimes nature will inspire. other times it may be work by another designer........and sometimes it seemingly comes from out of the blue but as a jesus-girl, i know that's not the case ;-)

here's my newest design:

bonhomieDESIGN custom collage baby announcement

and this was my inspiration, found on pinterest......

the photography, the colors and the layout is just gorgeous! obviously, my announcement doesn't perfectly mirror my inspiration. actually, other than the layout, it's not even close. my inspiration has an ethereal quality and my design is a bit more..........solid. BUT, it inspired a new design. something more modern than my norm, definitely unique and a design i'm very happy with.

so what inspires you? just remember, your inspiration and your final product may differ but it doesn't mean that the end result isn't equally fabulous :-)

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