July 5, 2013

nursery love..........

the blog is back! can't say for how long and can't really give you a direction but join me on this inconsistent wild ride, would ya?

there's been lotsa baby happenings in my world as of late. births, birthdays, baptisms and dedications so i've got baby on the brain (don't get excited. we won't be adding any new additions to our family unless they're of a 4 legged persuasion!)

but i can remember preparing for our little man's arrival. it's was around this time of year that i was setting up his nursery and i was IN LOVE with his room! soft greens and blues, a touch of yellow and lots of whimsy! almost 7 years later and he still has his original "blankie" :-)

as i mentioned, my days of baby decor are over but putting together this inspiration board was almost just as fun ;-)

for more inspiration, check out additional prints in my shoppe and my "b is for baby" pinterest board!


  1. Hi Kirstie! This is a really sweet collection. Know exactly what you mean about the kiddos and the blankies. It's nice to just dream up nurseries and not have to worry about the diapers.

  2. Thanks for including our Hot Air Balloon Wall Stickers. This is a beautiful inspiration board. Honored you featured My Wonderful Walls!

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