June 4, 2012

diy.....{candle sleeves}

hey y'all! been super busy with the wild west birthday party - photos and a bit of insight coming to the blog soon - but i wanted to pop in and share with you the diy candle sleeves i promised!

i used this diy in the 40th birthday celebration, you may recall. it's an easy and inexpensive way to add color and carry through the decor theme of any event you host. i got the idea from martha - shocker, right? but her versions weren't quite what i was looking for's my version.


vellum paper
tall votive candles in glass holders

i purchased my candles from our local dollar tree. if you're lucky enough to have one in your neighborhood, be sure to visit often. yes, some items from 'dollar stores' can be as cheesy & cheap as they sound BUT you can score some decent staple items and holiday specific party decor pieces. and the best news??? you can buy online and have them delivered to your local store just in case you need large quantities. SCORE! :-)

i chose a repeating decorative design from the invitations i created and, staying with the red & purple color scheme, printed them out on the vellum sheets.

you may notice that my printer is not one that does "borderless printing". if you have the same issue, no worries. just trim the excess.

and the next part is super easy. add some tape to the wrong side of you vellum sheet (lengthwise)

then roll into a cylindrical shape, meeting edge to edge and gently press to secure your tape. then slide it over your candle and.........

et voila! an easy, inexpensive yet classy (or cute or rustic - whatever your party theme may be) option to add color and customization to your event! a couple of notes: be sure that your candle wick is well beneath the upper rim of your glass - the vellum is extremely flammable :-) and you may have noticed i had varied heights at the party - just use different size votives and cut your vellum to fit. and be careful when you're rolling your vellum - if you're too rough and it creases, it will show up as a bright, white line on your sheet.

how cool would these be in an off white and distressed, burned edges?? maybe the next party................ :-)

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