June 28, 2012

real party....{wild west birthday}

i had such a good time putting this birthday party together! the birthday boy is the son of my best friend and i was given carte-blanche on the design concept - so fun!

my favorite element - the "chuck wagon" buffet table!

the day began wet and rainy - thankfully, we were prepared with a tent!
we had lots of cast iron and a menu of hot dogs, baked beans, wagon wheel pasta salad, beef jerky and trail mix. kids ate off of tin plates lined with red & white checkered paper - so cute! wish i'd thought to get a close-up photo.
and the dessert was so yummy: s'mores cupcakes in little mason jars!!
a 'photobooth' was set up inside, complete with horse, moustache & cowboy hat props.....
 we even included a "creek" for gold panning!
each attendee left with a cowboy hat full of goodies :-)

a good time was had by all!


  1. I love it all! I am planning a similar party for my daughter. If I may ask, how did you make the chuck wagon-- what was used for the supports and how were they secured to the table? Also, how did you make the creek? I was going to use a baby pool, but I like yours better.

    1. i'm so sorry......i just saw this comment!!! thank you so much! my husband built the chuckwagon. he created an overlay, of sorts, that fit over the table. we used plastic tubing for the arches - not sure if that helps much. that's why he's the builder ;-) the creek was created with 2x4" nailed together into the 'frame' and green tarp wrapped around to hold the water.


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