July 27, 2012

inspiration....{yellow + gray}

while folding laundry this morning, i was reminded of a color combination that i love (interesting how inspiration strikes, isn't it?)

yellow + gray!
bright and happy...
modern or vintage...

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

yellow 'pops' so nicely, it would be easy to carry it from ceremony through to the reception with very little effort, don't you think?

i've always been drawn to this color combination. how could you not be? way back when, i was determined that my very first kitchen would be gray and yellow. i bought everything i needed before i'd even moved out of my parents' house!

as a matter of fact, the very first wedding logo i created for my bonhomie bridal suite was showcased on a yellow + gray save-the-date card:

so what are your thoughts on yellow + gray? brides, what were your wedding colors? brides-to-be, what are your favorite color combinations?
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