July 2, 2012

holiday help....{4th of july}

i was wandering around the world-wide-web in search of some holiday decorating inspiration.
here's a few "easy but so inspired" options if you're seeking some suggestions!

source: 1, 2, 3, 4

the tin can luminaries are adorable - especially the fireworks! the kids can help and can be easily customized. 
and that flag. oh, that flag!! as you know, i'm currently crushing on anything coastally inspired.(and there's a tutorial - easy, peasy!!)
i love the whimsy of the denim waistband on the cake stand - adds just the right touch to keep the montage from looking typical.
i feel the same way about the bandanas - so clever!

so how about it? do you have holiday decor ideas? please share!

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