July 23, 2012

event styling....{bridal shower tea party}

i FINALLY have a moment to share a few of the tea party bridal shower styling photos with you! all the photos were taken by the fabulous karin goodwin! i met karin at a fair last year and used her for our family photos. she's now my favorite photographer!

bridal shower tea party by
my intention was to combine a traditional tea party with casual, shabby chic with most events i style, i included a diy element: this time it was the tissue paper flowers. i love how they turned out!
mis-matched tea sets and big cabbage rose print linens blended beautifully with the outdoor setting.
i came up with the idea of custom, hand-embroidered quilt squares for the bride's wedding quilt...
shabby chic tea party by
every element - printables, food, diy flowers, etc. - was created by little ole me :-)
i can't wait to have the opportunity to recreate this event on a larger scale!

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