September 24, 2012

craftiness........{tray makeover}

on the weekends, i share an easy diy over on my facebook page
what?!?!? you're not a fan?? go now, i'll wait.....
back now? good.
today i thought i'd share one of my own here on the blog.

the change in seasons always brings out the desire to change something in my house.
i got tired of stepping over this tray that's taking up space (which we have VERY little of) so i thought a redesign might make it useable again.
or it will just get in the way somewhere else. 50/50 shot in this house so we'll see *grin*

once upon a time, i was very fond of the "tuscan" look.
i'm over it. sorta.
anyway.... take one tray, some paint, scrapbook paper & modge podge........
and ya got yourself a new pretty :-)

a few notes:
spraypaint would have covered better without the brush marks but i didn't have any. i never seem to 'craft' prepared!
can you see the bumps & ridges on the papering step?? i can. i made the mistake of using too much glue on the tray and didn't follow up with a top coating until it dried. don't do that.
i distressed the edges a bit with some sandpaper
i added a couple coats of spray polly.

have you got any diys or makeovers to share? i need more stuff to change!

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