September 19, 2012

real life....{letting go or giving up?}

those of you who've been around for a bit know that i'm also a self-taught jewelry designer.
i've had an etsy shop - and my own online shop - for a few years now. 
sales have been slow as of late and i can blame myself in part.....little to no promotion doesn't generate income.

i'm a bit sad to say that i'll be letting go of that part of my life.
not because of the sales - though that is a valid reason.
but because i think it's time to let it go.
i've wrestled with this decision for quite a while now.
i question i giving up? or am i letting go?

there is a difference, at least in my mind
you may notice that i said i'm "a BIT sad"
but also there is a bit of relief.
i thought i would share today my specific reasons for this decision. i thought it would make me feel better
but as i type, i find that i don't need to
suffice it to say, i believe it's just time.

now, i can't say i'm giving it up entirely. custom orders will still be accepted
i'm sure i'll still craft a piece or two for myself *grin*
i'm not (yet) giving up my website
but jewelry will no longer be my focus

i had thought i was on the path God had chosen for me.
i'm sure that i was..........for a season
i think that season is over. i've learned, i've grown.....perhaps that was the sole purpose
but i have no doubt that, if i'm mistaken, God will make it abundantly clear :-)

for now, i'm exploring other talents He has given me
talents that have surfaced recently
talents that may grow or change..........
or may even become stagnant. i don't know.
it's my desire to walk in faith and follow HIS path

so, if at times it may seem i'm a bit.............scattered??
give me some grace - i'm just trying to hear what God's saying ;-)


  1. I am proud of you either way.

    Love you,

    Your other half

  2. I have one of your pendants, and it is one of my favorite things. I've been searching for you for ages, then your shop name just came to me today. Are you still not making jewelry? Is there any stock left?


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