September 26, 2012

real parties......{bow tie baby shower}

a few weeks ago, i had the honor to help out with my cousin heather's baby shower. she is truly one of those people who would go out of their way for you, no questions asked. she and her sister (who hosted the shower and who i assisted with design details) have a HUGE heart. i'm pretty lucky to be a part of their family ;-)

of course, i forgot my camera AND i had to leave early - unexpectedly - so we'll have to make due with the measly few photos i managed to snag with my phone.

the food was excellent - all prepared & provided by the hostess. cupcakes, of course, from hardcore sweet.
you might recognize a few pieces from my "little man" baby shower collection. it was actually designed with heather in mind, bringing in colors from her wedding to make it special :-)

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