October 18, 2012

into the great unknown........

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i've been thinking about this post for days now.
i'm still not certain i have the words to explain the way i've been feeling.

God is moving in me. working in me. growing me and changing me and pushing me.
and it's scary, y'all. but exciting at the same time - maybe like what others say about riding a roller coaster (notice i said "others". cuz i am not the one)
so, like that but LARGER.BIGGER.
and also full of JOY.

i may have shared a time or two on my other blog about my musical history.
i used to be "a singer" of sorts........
i sang in front of people, sometimes got paid for it and nobody 'booed' me off the stage so yeah, i guess i was a singer.
like a whole lotta others, i first sang in church.
5 years old with my first solo - crazy!
my mom's mantra was "sing, kirstie, sing" :-)
i never thought i was good enough to really do anything with it.
i'm never gonna be a superstar and i've got no problem with that.

anyway, suffice it to say, i love music. i love singing.
but never am i more moved, more in love, more...........myself.....than when i'm musically praising God.
i didn't do a whole lot of that in the past. i was away from the church - and God - for quite some time.
and even after my return, i was what you might call a timid vocalist. actually always have been.
but something there seems to be..........different.
and i know it's only because of HIM.

as i've gotten into the scripture, as i've gotten closer to God, a funny thing has been happening.
i'm feeling Him closer to me :-)
obviously, He's been there the whole time.
and now it's my time.
time to let Him use me and move in me and grow me and change me.....
and i'm lovin it :-)
i'm becoming bold in Christ. stepping out into areas i thought were closed to me.
and i'm finding that they're only closed if God says so.
i don't know where He's taking me and ya know what???
i don't much care! cuz i know that wherever it is, it's gonna be great!

my mom brought me to Christ.
and now, she's with Christ.
but i can still hear her.........."sing, kirstie, sing"

is there an area of your life where you're feeling uncertain? or are you maybe, like me, venturing out into parts unknown? leave a comment - or don't - either way, i'm praying for you!

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