October 11, 2012


the husband and i are currently participating in a "30 day church challenge" small group. it's purpose is to grow and strengthen the community within our church and to help those participating to "reach our God-given potential."

as i was reading yesterday, i was struck by this sentence:

"an ungrateful heart cannot truly worship, because a worshipful life is a grateful life."

i like to think that i'm grateful.
i thank God each day and night and in-between for my family.
i thank Him for our blessings.
i try to praise Him through the tears and through the pain.

but then i really started to think..........there is SO MUCH MORE to be grateful for.
honestly..... to name every.single.reason. there is for each one of us to be praising God would take until the end of our time here on earth.
and even then, we'd miss something

i decided to challenge myself.
each day, i want to come up with 10 different reasons to be grateful. and i'm sharing my first day with you!

  1.  the change of seasons - each one allows me to view with awe the beauty and majesty He has created.
  2. i'm so very thankful for the shereadstruth bible study and this small group i'm participating in - it's amazing how GOD works two seemingly different focuses of study together to teach me and lead me on His path.
  3. this period of waiting that God has placed me in - it's giving me an opportunity to seek Him without distraction.
  4. though painful and uncomfortable, i'm IMMENSELY grateful for this period of growth and change - i'm excited to see where God is leading me
  5. my relationship with my mother - good, bad & ugly - i've been able to recognize the mistakes i made and avoid making the same mistakes in other relationships
  6. our shallow well - running out of water several times a week is helping me to become more disciplined and organized in my housekeeping routine
  7. i complain often about the shortcomings of our home. but if we lived anywhere else, i would be unable to do what i do now
  8. i'm thankful for the people God is placing in my life - people i can learn from, people i can teach, people i can laugh with and cry with
  9. this world wide web - the many opportunities to connect with others of like mind and heart
  10. my insecure heart - it's causing me to seek God, become secure in Him and hold onto the truth of His word.
in an effort to grow this little community, i'm linking up for creating community. won't you join us?

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