October 12, 2012

week in review

it's that time of the week again!
ya know, i've begun to accept the fact that, despite the level of sophistication of my camera, talent behind the lens is not a skill i possess.
my photos are not "sit-up-and-take-notice" kinda shots. they usually don't include an "aww, isn't she/he/it cute" shot.
but that's okay.
i'm enjoying looking back on moments from the past week - good and bad.
and i'm happy that i'm capturing just a little bit of my life - and the life of my family - so some day, far away from now, we can look back and say "i remember that"

happy little man at his annual check up - doesn't look like a kid with strep, does he?? and he LOVES ridin in daddy's work truck! this finished fall mantle makes me smile. and so does progress made on my little list of goals :-)

strep throat did not keep us from having a little fall-fun during the holiday weekend. nor did it prevent us from potentially infecting random strangers (don't judge!)

we made an attempt at creating some DIY window clings - not an epic fail but close enough ;-) beautiful fall days, leaf piles AND a few finished christmas card designs in the shoppe (see goal list above!)

i am immensely excited to be attending a Paul Baloche Leadworship Workshop. I really feel that God may be growing me in this area but I'm not yet ready to talk about it....soon, I promise :-)

so what are you up to this weekend?

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