October 8, 2012

real life...{the times, they are a' changin....}

bonhomieDESIGN etsy shoppe

"the shoppe" is sportin a new name AND new product offerings!
i mentioned before, i'm really enjoying design and not certain where it's going to take me.
rather than trying to pigeonhole myself before i really know the direction God has chosen for me, i've decided to just try my hand at what brings me joy :-)

you may notice that i finally added the nursery prints i previewed before......though a bit different than originally intended. after several design changes, this design - clean and unaltered - is what produced the most consistent print quality.

and i mentioned the personalized note cards over this past weekend. i am SO in love with those colors!! do any of you recognize those designs? i've taken them from my inspired jewelry collection! the graphics continue to speak to me. i designed them so why not use them in print, right? if it works, it works.

i'm working on another couple of prints, suitable for the nursery AND i have a couple ideas for a boy's birthday party printable collection AND i'm giving some serious consideration to a limited collection of holiday mind is busy, y'all!

so here you have a little more insight into my design thought process and the potential direction of bonhomieDESIGN......

i really hope you stick around to see what's next!!

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