October 5, 2012

week in review....

this week flew by. seriously!
and i'm having a hard time accepting the fact that it's already october - yeah, it takes me a bit of time to really settle into something. i'll adjust just in time to move on ;-)

anyway, here's a bit of my week......

last weekend was spent at the iron sharpens iron conference in MA with my sister, time with my godson, and a beautiful car ride home listening to jesus culture (my favorite!)

i came home to find that my wonderful husband and son bought me a new vacuum - just in time to get some (much needed) cleaning done! since october is national breast cancer awareness month, i made a point to schedule my mammogram - all clear and i got to choose a free gift ;-) this week, i sent out what might be one of my last jewelry orders - but i'm okay with it :) and if the school isn't going to start his foreign language training early, i will! doing a little homeschool spanish with the little man!

speaking of the little man, he's becoming quite the little artist! and i am SOOO enjoying my time in ephesians with #shereadstruth - really digging deep and finding new things to hold on to.

it's a holiday weekend and our plan was to travel to upstate NY, hang out with one of my sisters and do all kinds of fall stuff BUUUUUT.....somebody tested positive for strep at their check up this morning! thankfully, we have one of the happiest sick kids know to man. unfortunately, now hubby is complaining of a sore throat, too. apparently, we're in for a low key couple of days.

what are you up to this weekend?

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  1. Those are some great pictures. I hope that everyone starts feeling better soon.

  2. Harp Seal Pup is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!


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