October 20, 2012

what's happenin'.....

here's my round-up of lovely/helpful/funny/touching items found on this world wide web this week:

do you have a favorite fall go-to recipe? this one is awesome. and perfect if you need something for an oktoberfest potluck!

i've mentioned maggie's 31 days series before but this post really hit home. if we can't present our businesses professionally, how can we expect others to take us seriously??

how i loved this post and this post. these women truly have a heart for God. seriously, i can't even begin to tell you how they've touched my heart - and not for the first time!

remember the app i mentioned a few weeks ago? sadly, i've had to uninstall it because my computer was draaaaaging....but here's one that hasn't let me down yet. SUPER easy keeping up with my favorite blogs :-)

have you found any links to love this past week? want us to share some love on your link? leave a comment!

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