October 24, 2012

real life......{i am who i am}

i've been taking some steps to really organize, fine tune and grow this business of mine.
following the advice of gussy, i began to create an editorial calendar for this here blog.
editorial calendars are nifty tools that keep us on track, accountable to ourselves and inspire some creative, long term planning.
according to said calendar, i'm supposed to share a new design today.
BUT....gussy also said to keep things flexible. so that's just what i'm doing.
i've got some thoughts and feelings swirling around in my head so i thought i'd share them with you to see if we can't sort 'em out and make some sense of them.

this blog is brand spankin new.
my old blog had started to grow. but instead of just keeping with that one, i started a new one.
why? i'm not entirely certain. yes, my business has gone in a different direction.
but why not just rename that one?
i may have had the vague idea of keeping two blogs. not really doable for me but who knows what i was thinking.
anyway..... i'm viewing this as an opportunity to do better with this blog.
better what, exactly? better how?
better content? perhaps. honestly, i really don't see much difference yet between the two.
better direction? yes, please.
better community? perhaps better isn't the right word. closer would be a more accurate description.

i think what it boils down to is my motivation and intention.
what was my motivation then? and what is my motivation now?
and what do i mean by "intention"?
"intentional" was my word for the year two years ago.
i thought i'd moved on.
we're taught to look forward. keep moving, keep growing......
but even after we've grown, we still sometimes have to come back to the same lessons.
relearn them. or maybe rework what we've already learned to fit into new circumstances.
and that's okay. more than okay, it's smart.
so i plan to be intentional with this blog.
intentional in the decisions i make as a wife, as a mom, as a business owner and - more importantly - as a jesus girl.
decisions made specifically to support, enhance and represent who i am in those roles.

and speaking of my business, i realized that i can't really be intentional with my business OR my blog if i don't really know it's purpose.
so i took a moment to jot down a few thoughts....

bonhomieEVENTS & bonhomieDESIGN statement of purpose:

to promote attainable, creative design for home, life and events; to celebrate the joy in life; to assist in creating celebrations reflecting that joy; to design and share what speaks to my heart.

a little broad? maybe.
but that's where i am.
this is where God is calling me to be.
so i want to be here with intention.

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