October 29, 2012

life as planned........

this past weekend was a bit of a challenge.
i had expected a little bit of stress.
my brother was scheduled for surgery - removal of cancerous tumors.
shortly after his diagnosis, God brought me to a place of peace.
but's surgery, right?

plan: tumors removed, cancer all gone.
actual: surgeons unable to remove this rare tumor.

there's still hope.
there is treatment with successful outcomes.

while at the hospital with my family, i get a text from my husband
"dad is in the hospital"

my father-in-law will undergo bypass surgery in his leg to improve circulation.

relatively routine surgery, quick rehab.

at home, i phone my other brother to tell him about surgery outcome on brother #1.
he tells me he has mesothelioma.

really, God?
okay. there is treatment. it was caught early.

running errands with the family.
someone steals little man's DS.

and now, as i type, we await hurricane sandy.
lives lost thus far: 65
dubbed "...the largest threat to human life (Connecticut) has experienced in anyone's lifetime." by our governor.

so i trust.
and i pray.
and i have faith.

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as a jesus-girl, i'm not guaranteed a life full of sunshine and daisies.
what i am guaranteed is a God who loves me, who has a plan for me, who is with me always.
no matter what.

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  1. Wow, that is a lot to be going through.... I love your last sentence because it is true for you, true for me, and true for anyone who loves the Lord!! I will pray for you and your family... and that God will be glorified!
    Michelle (at


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