November 29, 2012

craftiness.......{bookprint ornament}

i fell in love with this pinterest find last year..............

this year, i finally got around to crafting my own.


book pages
modge podge

bookprint ornament how to by bonhomieEVENTS

1. remove a few pages from your book and tear them into small pieces.
2. take the ornament caps off then get your decoupage on with the strips & modge podge.
3. while the ornament is still wet, add your glitter.
4. let them dry then embellish at will...........tags, ribbons....whatever your heart desires :-)

bonhomieEVENTS diy bookprint ornaments

i purchased my ornaments & book at our local dollar store. this could easily be a dollar store craft by subbing out the modge podge for a diy decoupage mixture using dollar store glue & water (50/50 mix).

are you doing any diy ornaments this year? feel free to share your blog posts in the comments!!

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