November 8, 2012

bridesmaids on a budget.......{style::sweet}

i'm having a wonderful time with my summer bride!
as i mentioned earlier, her colors have been chosen....
the save-the-date design has been decided....
(i ended up doing the design myself and i'll be starting the invitation suite soon - so much fun!)
via conversations, emails, and photo swapping the style and design are slowly taking shape.

bridesmaids dresses are next on the agenda and you know what that means...
now, i'm gonna be honest.
what i enjoy most about planning and shopping is finding a great deal.
i don't want my brides to go 'cheap'
i want them to go 'smart'
and that includes the wedding party.

imagine this: you're feeling oh-so-loved and important when the bride asks you to be a part of her big day.
then you find out that the dress she absolutely has to have for her wedding party is waaaay over your budget.
sucks, doesn't it.
(thankfully, i have a bride who is considerate and cost-conscious!)

these dresses are speaking to me...telling a story:
soft, romantic, casual outdoor ceremony....

what are they saying to you?

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