November 1, 2012

sneak peek......{thanksgiving printables!!}

thanksgiving printables by bonhomieDESIGN

i thought i'd share with you a sneak peek of the thanksgiving printable collection!
this collection will include an invitation, a menu card, a 5x7" decorative sign, tent cards, a banner, drink flags and 2" circle logos, most of which can be personalized..

i struggled a bit with the design of this collection.
sometimes, a full design will come to mind for a printable collection....
but this time i had only a general idea.
the work stopped and started and stopped again as i wrestled with color and the background.
i  wanted a 'nod' to the season without being obvious....
i wanted a classic design to fit into both a casual AND a more formal table setting....
and i wanted the collection to work with almost any color scheme.
most importantly, given the current circumstances in my life and those around me, i really wanted to emphasize the focus on blessings and thankfulness.

voilá! as soon as i'd figured out the text color, it all came together
(at least i think so - i'll let you be the judge)

the collection will soon be available in "the shoppe". so, what do you think? did i accomplish all i'd hoped?

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