November 5, 2012

this coming election....

tomorrow, i will do my civic duty and cast my vote.
but honestly, y'all..........???
i will be SOOO glad when these political campaigns are over.

all the bickering and lies and "he said, she said"........
and that's just at the dinner table!! *wink*

seriously, all this 'campaigning' sometimes makes it difficult to know who's telling the truth.
personally, i can see merit and benefit within each party
sometimes even some common ground.

amidst all the television ads i saw last night, this caught my eye:

no matter your political affiliation, your religious beliefs, your job, your sex or your age....
there's something we can all do to keep kids from going to bed hungry.
and after hurricane sandy, there's even greater risk.
this is a real, honest-to-goodness change we can make.
there is no downside.

will you please help?

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