November 20, 2012

thanksgiving.......{pumpkin pie!}

we spent this past weekend with my sister in NY state. lemme tell ya, she is the epitome of hostess.
she loves to make people feel welcome and she loves to cook.
while discussing thanksgiving menus, she made a confession.
this year, for the first time in her 40+ years, she was going to have to use......
store.bought.crust. gasp!
i laughed a little then told her i'd never made a pie crust from scratch in my life.
and as far as i'm concerned, my pumpkin pie is still homemade.

my tried-and-true-go-to recipe comes from miss paula deen, queen of butter *grin*
every year, i make her apple butter pumpkin pie and it makes me think of my gram.
not because she made it, too..........just because it was at her house that i ever tasted apple butter.
it's the little things, ya know?

being a good hostess is all about the little things, too.
it doesn't matter if your meal is homemade or store bought.
if you have one killer dish but flounder with the rest then BUY the rest and focus on your strength.
if you're betty crocker incarnate and couldn't imagine anything on your table that isn't made from scratch, well then do your thing!
the key to being a good hostess is to enjoy what you're doing.
disposable dishes or fine china - it doesn't matter.
add a little beauty in your own way and do it from the heart.
nothing trumps love.

tell me, are you a store-bought or made-from-scratch kinda girl? what's your favorite holiday dessert?

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  1. I am a store bought mixed with homemade kind of girl. I have never made pie crust either!

    That pie looks delicious!!


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