November 14, 2012


if your family is anything like mine (and the majority of america), thanksgiving is a big, family holiday.
we all have our traditions and, if you're married, you probably 'divied up' certain holidays early on in the relationship for each side of the family
somehow, i won thanksgiving host.
not really sure how that happened since i hadn't even put the option on the table but there it is.

thanksgiving is a big deal over here. lots of culinary pressure. huge menu, huge expectations....
before i got married, i'd never cooked a thanksgiving meal
nor did i have any desire to and i'll tell ya why.....
i don't like 'thanksgivng' food. not a fan.
well, except for the stuffing. who doesn't like stuffing, right?
i was absolutely certain my meal would be a failure.
i have no idea how to cook what i don't eat. my dad was the chef, not me.
but guess what?? HUGE success. 6 years running.
so i thought i'd share a few of my go-to tips & recipes for any first-timers out there
(or anyone who might be lookin for a change)

turkey with herbed butter by bonhomieEVENTS

tip #1...........herbed butter.

you'll need:
2 sticks of butter, softened to room temperature (unsalted or salted, your choice)
fresh sage (i usually buy 2 of the pre-packaged thanksgiving mixes. because that's all that's left by the time i go shopping)

directions: chop up the sage. mix it with the butter. let it sit overnight in the frig.

thanksgiving morning:

put the herbed butter under the skin of the turkey, being careful not to tear the skin.
yeah, i think it's gross. i really can't stand to handle raw poultry but ya gotta do whatcha gotta do.
it's worth it, trust me.
rub the skin with some olive oil, salt & pepper....
add some quartered onion, chopped carrots, fresh sage & rosemary to the cavity
then throw that bird in the oven and you're good to go! always juicy & moist.

how do you cook your turkey?

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