November 13, 2012

how to purchase printables on etsy....

i assume everyone knows etsy.
but you know what happens when you assume..... yeah, that.
i also make the mistake that everyone 'gets' printables.
so today i'm gonna back up and do a quick crash course on buying printables from my shoppe.

first of all, what the heck are printables, right?
any paper goods you might want to purchase can be found in a 'printable' format. what that means is that the artist (me) has created an item for purchase - let's say a Christmas card - but instead of receiving the actual card, the customer (you) will received a digital copy of that item. and that digital copy may be in one of a few different formats. most popular is a .pdf or .jpeg.

so why not just send me the actual item?
short answer: cost and convenience. the item price would increase in order to cover my printing expenses. AND, with the digital file, you can print as many (or as few) of the item that your heart desires. you can use the printing option of your choice and everybody's happy!

here's some handy etsy shopping info:

shopping for printables on etsy with bonhomieDESIGN

1.etsy now offers gift cards. and wouldja lookit that - i accept etsy gift cards :-)2. rather than scroll through pages of listings, you can search my shoppe to find whatever you're looking for
how to buy printables with bonhomieDESIGN

3. certain items allow for a few choices - in this instance, style (think: format) and photo effect. etsy will prompt you to make these selections before allowing you to check out.

4. in addition to paypal, my shop also accepts credit cards
5. if you have any questions at all, check out the shop policies or just send me a message!
and here are some things to keep in mind when you're printing your items:

how to print printable with bonhomieDESIGN
so there you have it. shopping for printables on etsy.
did i miss anything? is there something that still isn't clear? please share....

the bottom line is this. i want my customers to be happy. not confused.
so if you still have questions, i will go above and beyond to help you...
all ya gotta do is ask :-)

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