November 3, 2012

what's happenin'

as i mentioned yesterday, i'm away....basking in the glory that is God with one of my best friends!
but there were a few things i found this week that i really wanted to share.......

i fell in love with this styled wedding shoot. i think it was a combination of the distressed setting and the muted colors that did it.......

and check out this bell jar DIY. made out of soda bottles!!! seriously?!?

for all of you typography lovers, here's a {free} nifty tool to keep track of all your awesome fonts. makes my life sooo much easier!

the thanksgiving collection is available in "the shoppe".......

and here's a question: what does your life look like? is it what you intended? after this weekend, i'm sure i'll be drafting a list very similar to this.
priorities, y'all.

so what did you find this week? anything really make you sit up and take notice? just wanna plug a post?
go right ahead ;-)

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