November 23, 2012

thanksgiving sale extended!

how was your thanksgiving?
ours was wonderful. the food came out good. family got along.
and for the 3rd year in a row, i forgot to put out the cranberry sauce.
we're going to have those same cans for 10 years.

for the first year, i actually dressed the table.
sounds horrible coming from an event planner, huh?
space has always been an issue and honestly, also incentive.
my family is happy enough to eat off of paper plates - it's the food that matters ;-)
i had done a little designing for a friend the evening before with my thanksgiving printables and was a little jealous
so this year, i did it for me. and guess what? they noticed and appreciated.
a couple of shots:

just a couple of simple touches :-)

yesterday, i tweeted, announced on my facebook page and shared with my instagram friends an impromptu thanksgiving sale and i've decided to extend it through the weekend!

anything in the shoppe, 20% OFF. and i'm planning on a couple of additions this weekend so keep an eye out!

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