November 9, 2012

week in review.....

okay, this post might include a bit more than a week
it's been a little while since i've done this.
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little man created a math test for his mama - complete with luna decorations; and of course he was mario for halloween! our conversation threw me for a loop so i had to share; and maybe, just maybe, the tooth fairy was a bit unprepared and someone ended up getting $10 for one little lost tooth :-P

i fell in love with this pottery barn holiday display; and time with my best girls before the women of faith conference - an arena full of women praising God. how awesome is that! (no, i'm not really sure why i'm smiling like that. just pretend you don't see it) then we awoke to a beautiful day...

little man had some fun shopping with daddy and playing with his uncle chris (who he doesn't see often) while mama was away - then he took a photo of me + hubby when i got back; and look - more weather! our first nor'easter of the season. that photo was only about an hour into it

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