November 15, 2012

scentsy party!

we're havin a par-tay! hubby calls me "miss party all the time, party all the time"
(gotta hear him say it. much funnier)

have you ever heard of scentsy?
think yankee candle + better + safer.
why safer, you ask? no flame!
why better? longer lasting scent.
no chance of my child burning down the house and pretty smells....
can you say "win, win"?

seriously. i tried scentsy two years ago.
i STILL have bars left from my original purchase (and i use them constantly)
AND the warmers are superior to any other plug in warmer you'll find
on the real, yo.
and the designs are awesome
(no, i'm not being paid to say this)

here's what i've got my eye on:

if you're interested, you can make your very own purchase here.

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